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Birth Photography FAQs
why birth photography

This is probably one of the most common birth photography FAQs that prospective moms, and especially dads, have when trying to decide whether or not to do birth photography. It comes along with a few other questions, such as: “Why can’t dad/support person just take the pictures?” and “My friend has a DSLR camera, can’t they just take the pictures?” These are valid questions, and there are quite a few answers.

Why can’t the dad/support person just take the pictures?

Giving birth is difficult, and you need all of the support you can get. The person there to support you at your birth should be there to do just that – support you. They shouldn’t be worried about getting pictures. Plus, if you go this route, there will be no pictures of that person supporting you or meeting your newborn baby, which have frequently been my clients’ favorite photos. And let’s say that that doesn’t matter to you, you’d rather just have your support person take pictures. Well, you will likely end up using a cell phone which will result in grainy, poorly lit, and discolored photos that don’t match up with the memories in your head.

Why can’t my friend with a DSLR just take the pictures?

Which brings me to one of the next birth photography FAQs, why can’t my friend with a DSLR take the photos? Most birthing moms prefer for the room to be dark when they are giving birth. Not all DSLR cameras do well in low-light conditions. In order to get good low-light performance, you need a professional full-frame camera. Not to mention, working in low-light conditions takes a lot of time and practice. And even if the room was brightly lit, taking artistic, well-lit and nicely colored photos is a skill honed from years of practice, which most hobby photographers do not have.

Why birth photography?

Let’s finish with the first one. Why birth photography? Your newborn child’s birth only happens one time, and if you ask any mother, she will tell you how much she forgot from that day. The memories fade so quickly. This is one of the most important moments of your life. You take pictures on your wedding day, why not the day that your child is born? There are moments that happen that day that you will not want to forget, and meeting your baby for the first time is high on that list. There are moments that happen with your support person that you will be glad you have. The quality of the photos is so much better than what can be captured by a non-professional, and those quality photos will be more flattering for you and more closely match your memories of your child’s birth.

More Birth Photography FAQs

How does birth photography work?

Birth photography is different from other types of photography. Births can happen at any time, which means I am on call for you, 24/7, starting at 38 weeks. When you go into labor, you call me up and I come to your chosen birth place to photograph your birth.

Do I have to have “graphic” photos?

The photos that I take are guided by your personal preference. I have had mothers who wanted to see the raw birth of their child and mothers who wanted everything to be kept above the belt. What are you comfortable with, and what images do you want to have? It is really your call.

Are you really on call 24/7?

Yes! Even if you go into labor at 3 o’clock in the morning, I will be there. This includes missing family and other events that I might have scheduled. It means that I do not go anywhere outside of about a half-hour radius of my home until you have delivered. My life revolves around your birth!

What if my birth is long? How long do you stay?

I understand long births. All three of my labors were long. Your time with me is not limited. I arrive at the hospital when you are in active labor (around 6 cm dilated) and I stay until up to two hours after the baby is born, regardless of how long that takes. If your labor is long, I will take breaks while staying close by and if it is longer than 12 hours I may have to call a backup, but someone will be there when the baby comes!

What happens if you are sick or have an emergency?

Any good birth photographer works with backups. While it is unlikely that I would need to miss your birth, situations can arise that make it so I cannot be there. If that is the case, my backup photographer will attend your birth.

What happens if you miss the birth?

Working with good backups makes it so that missing a birth is unlikely. However, in the unlikely event that I do miss your birth, I will come to your birth place as soon as possible to capture the after-birth moments and I will also provide a complimentary Fresh48 newborn session.

How far do you travel? Do you do hospital and home births?

I want to make sure that I can be at your birth, so I try not to book births farther than 1 hour from my home to ensure that I have time to arrive at your birth. I ask that clients give me a two-hour window to arrive, which is why communication is so, so important. This means that I am available within a 1-hour drive of my business address. I am available for any type of birth at any location: hospitals, homes, birth centers, etc.

Should I tell my doctor about you? What if I have to have a C-section?

Yes, telling your provider that you plan to have a birth photographer present gives them the opportunity to be prepared and to be comfortable with me there. If you are having a c-section, scheduled or otherwise, finding out from your provider whether I will be able to be in the OR can allow us to plan for your session. And yes! You can still have wonderful birth photos even when you are having a c-section.

What if the baby comes fast?

The most important thing to remember here is that good communication is so important. Letting me know when there is even a sign of labor can help me be ready to go when the time comes. However, sometimes a birth happens too fast for me to make it. If that is the case, I will come as soon as I can and capture the after-birth moments, and I will also provide a complimentary Fresh48 newborn session.

When should I call you to come to the birth?

This goes back to the communication we were talking about. Letting me know when there are signs of labor helps me make it to your birth on time. You want me to arrive when you are in active labor (around 6 cm dilated). Making sure I am up to date is key.

What if I’m shy and don’t want anyone else in the room with me?

One thing to remember is that I am a professional who has done this before. I am not someone there to just be a looky-loo and get up in your face. If you remember that I am just another professional who is responsible for supporting you through your birth, I think you will find that it doesn’t feel much different than just having another nurse in the room.

Are you going to use my images for your portfolio?

Once again, this is really your call. I need images on my website and portfolio in order to show people my work. But what you are and are not willing to share is up to you. I never share graphic images of birth, but if you are uncomfortable with your other images being shared, this is something we can discuss at your consultation.

How many images can I expect? Are they B&W or color? What should I do with them?

I deliver anywhere from 80-150 fully edited digital images of your birth. Most of the photos will be in B&W, with some color photos included. These images are released to you to share with friends and family, and to use for products, such as albums and canvases which I can also provide.

What about low light? Do you use flash?

Shooting in natural light is my preferred method, however, births can often be very dark. While I have the capability of shooting in low-light, the pictures that I can get with a flash are much crisper and brighter and have a more even coloring. I will never shoot a flash directly at you or your newborn baby, and if you find that the flash is bothering you during labor, I will find another light source to continue photographing.

When should I book?

Because of the on-call nature of birth photography, I can only accept a few clients a month. In order to make sure I have room for you on my calendar, you should book as early as possible. But do not hesitate to reach out if you are further on in your pregnancy. I frequently have space in my calendar for additional births.

What are my payment options?

There is a non-refundable $250 deposit due upon booking with me. The remaining balance must be paid by the time you are 37 weeks along. Payments may be made during your pregnancy as long as the balance is paid by 37 weeks.

What about maternity/newborn photos?

I provide Fresh48 sessions that you can book in conjunction with your birth photography. Maternity and Newborn shoots are also available, however, they are not my main focus, so I may not always have availability. If you are looking for a Maternity/Newborn photographer, I recommend Jessica with Jessica Lee Photography. She does beautiful work.

How do we get started?

The first step is to book your free, no-obligation consultation. We will meet to discuss all of the details and all of your birth photography FAQs and if you are ready, you can book at that time. Available time slots can be found in the calendar below.

Birth Photography FAQs Huntsville AL birth photographer 

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