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Norwood Birth Story

Birth is unpredictable. When I am waiting for a mom to go into labor, I never know what to expect. Is it going to be early? Late? Or, rarely, on time? And when I arrive to photograph the labor and birth of a new child, I never know if it is going to be fast or slow. It could be calm, it could be tumultuous, it could be traumatic. Every birth story is different. Being there to capture those moments for those families to look back on and remember is the best thing about my job.


The Norwood’s birth story was calm and simple. Their baby girl came into the world early, but not as early as expected, which was a welcome relief. Mom dealt so well with the pain, even when the epidural didn’t work as expected. I loved being there to capture this birth, and I hope you will love the photos and story that came out of it.


Below is a collection of photos from the birth and after, along with Mom’s birth story.


What was your favorite part of pregnancy?

My maternity pictures and feeling my sweet girl move around inside of me.

Nurse attending to pregnant woman

What was the worst part?

The lightning crotch and sciatica were the worst along with false labor.

Do you have any pregnancy or baby books you would recommend for new parents?

What to expect when expecting will hands down always be the go to.

Man putting socks on wife's feet

How did you tell people that you were pregnant?

I told everyone very casually in conversation. My husbands family thought I was joking because we had sworn off having anymore children after our losses in 2022.

Woman in labor
Woman in labor, laughing

Did you do a gender reveal? If so, what did you do?

For my husband and children, I blew up balloons filled with pink confetti and made strawberry cupcakes with blue icing to throw them off. I let the kids pop the balloon and of course, eat the cupcakes.

Woman in labor
Man holding wife's hand
Woman in labor

What special items did you pack in your hospital bag?

I made sure to pack my headphones and my mommy and me robe/swaddling set.

Women smiling at newborn baby


How did labor start?

I had spent 5 days in the hospital with false labor and was released. I spent 2 days at home until I began hurting again and finally convinced myself to go back to the hospital. I was having a few contractions but my daughter’s heart rate dropped and they made the decision to move forward with induction at 37+6 weeks.

What were the highs and lows of labor from your perspective?

The high for me was knowing I would be able to capture this moment to look back on and having my mother-in-law be a part of this. The lows were the contractions that I felt where my epidural did not work. I kept saying my daughter broke my butt haha due to the immense pressure.

What were some things that stood out to you during labor?

Holy cow! The pressure but my labor went quickly. I realized even though it was my 4th child I really did not feel prepared.

What did it feel like the first moment that you saw your baby?

I was very emotional when I saw Monét for the first time. She is my rainbow baby so it brings forth a mountain of emotions. I wanted to hold her and sink in that moment forever. The feel of her warm skin and her little hands grabbing onto me. I felt safe!

At Home

What were those first few days like?

Going home was interesting because my toddler did not want the baby coming home with us, in fact he cried. It was a bit challenging as I was experiencing more pain this time around and I was nervous just like it was my first child all over again.

What tips do you have for new parents during the first few weeks with their baby at home?

Do yourself a favor and sleep/rest whenever you can. The dishes, laundry, yard work, etc. can wait because your body needs to relax plus you owe it to yourself.

Any parenting “hacks” you’ve tried so far that you would recommend to new parents?

No, because this little girl has surely taught me that there is not a one-size-fits-all method to caring for babies. She is totally different from the other 3 and the most challenging baby I’ve had.

Interested in seeing more birth photos? Check out my portfolio here!

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