What is a birth story?

Birth photographers often talk about shooting your “birth story”. But what does that really mean? Is birth really that much different from other shoots? The answer to that question is yes. I’m sure there are shoots that are more similar in style to a birth, but in comparison to a family shoot or a senior photo shoot, the difference couldn’t be more stark.


A birth story is called such because it is the story of a child’s birth. In general, it tells the story from the time labor begins to the time that a child is welcomed into the world. It is a documentary. It is not posed. No one is requesting a smile or a look at the camera. The photographer is merely there to observe and to tell the story.


Each birth story has a sort of formula it follows. Although every birth is different, and some do not go as planned, most follow this same formula. Laboring, the delivery, the first moments with the new baby, the calm following the birth, and the day after.


Labor is the culmination of 9 months of, as many would put it, torture. It can be challenging if you’re doing it without pain relief, simple if you’re having an epidural, or even calm and peaceful if you’re using birth hypnosis. Whatever way you choose, you will likely be doing it for many hours, and that can take a mental toll on even the most prepared mama.


While you wouldn’t think of labor as being very “photogenic”, it can be very beautiful in its own way. It captures the strength of the laboring woman and the support of her partner. You forget so much of what happens during your labor, and it can be a great reminder of your own inner strength.

The Details

In the whirlwind of a baby’s birth, the little things often get overlooked or forgotten. It’s nice to be able to look back and see all of the small details that you missed.


This is really the most important part! This is where your new baby finally enters the world. And it is a fast, and sometimes scary, experience. But in the end, your baby has arrived!

Meeting Baby

Meeting your new baby is the most rewarding experience after nine months and who knows how many hours of labor. Your new crying, messy, bundle of joy could not be a more welcome sight.

All About the Baby

This is what the experience has been all about! You never want to forget those tiny fingers and toes and that sweet little smushed face.

The Calm

Once everything has calmed down, it is time for you to really take a breath and spend some time with your partner and your new baby.

The Day After

These pictures are cherished because they are still pictures of your brand-new baby, but you have actually had a chance to shower and feel like a human again. And you may not be able to smell through a picture, but looking back at these pictures, you may just be able to imagine that sweet new baby smell.

Your birth story is really unique. There has never been another one like it, they are all different. Being able to remember your birth story is a gift that you will cherish. Because as moms know, the memories of that day disappear so fast, and the ones that stick around are a little hazy. I wish that I had the memories of my children’s births. It was a thing that wasn’t very prevalent when I had my babies. That’s why I do what I do. So that I can preserve those memories for someone else.

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