Birth photography is still very new. But more and more families are choosing to have their child’s birth photographed. So what do they know that you don’t know? Why would they choose to have a birth photographer?


Birth is Kind of a Big Deal

There are a few days in a person’s life that are widely considered to be big, important days. One is their wedding, and another is their child’s birth. We’ve got weddings covered. The wedding photography industry brings in billions of dollars every year. People pay thousands of dollars for a photographer to capture every detail of their “big day”. So what about the birth of their child? Isn’t that a “big day”?


As much as there might be an initial knee-jerk reaction of “Ew, I don’t want anyone there when I am pushing a baby out!”, the truth of the matter is that the birth of your child is a “big day”. It is a day that deserves to be documented. And if you are uncomfortable with having photos of your newborn baby emerging, then just ask to not have that documented. I respect the wishes of my clients, and so should any other worthwhile birth photographer.


Now that the “Ew!” reaction is gone, think about the other small details that you would miss. Think about your partner’s hand resting softly on your back. Think about those tiny little baby toes. You’re going to want to remember them! When I had my three children, I didn’t really know anything about birth photography, but I wish I had. Your children grow up so fast. My oldest child is nearly a teenager, and I wish that I could look back and remember the joy of his birth.

You Need the Support

At least for myself, birth is the hardest thing that I have ever done. And I don’t think that I am alone in that. I needed the support of those around me to get through it. I especially needed the support of my husband. This meant that I didn’t get pictures, even though I wanted them. But I wouldn’t have been happier if he’d neglected me so that he could get pictures. And my husband is a fantastic photographer, so he could have gotten some beautiful pictures. But I wanted his hand in mine. I wanted him rubbing my back and whispering words of affirmation in my ear.


Perhaps you don’t have a partner, but your mother is at birth. Or your grandmother or cousin or good friend. It doesn’t matter who it is, the person who is there to support you should be there to support you, not to worry about getting pictures. That undivided attention will help so much as you give birth to your newborn child.

Your Birth Partner Deserves It

You deserve your partner’s support on your child’s birth day. And your partner deserves to be present in the moment with you. When you are expecting your birth partner to take pictures during labor and delivery, there is a whole lot of pressure. They may not know when to leave you to take photos. During labor, things can happen very fast, and they may get overwhelmed and forget to take photos.

This birth is important to them, just as it is important to you. They should be able to be present in the moment and enjoy the birth. They should be able to get to meet the newborn baby without a camera in their hand. They should be able to celebrate in joy with you and not have to worry that their camera is sitting unused on the other side of the room. They deserve to be present at the birth.

Birth is Unpredictable

No matter where you choose to give birth: at home, at a birth center, or at a hospital, and no matter how much you have planned for your ideal birth, things can drastically change from what you had planned. Natural labors can turn into c-sections, and labor can start on its own before a planned induction. Things don’t always go the way you had planned.

On top of this, birth locations are often poorly lit. Moms generally prefer to labor in the dark, so there is frequently very little light available. Lighting conditions can change quickly and drastically. These situations need a professional’s trained eye to get the best quality photographs possible. Without the correct equipment and experience, the pictures are likely to be of poor quality. Even your cousin’s DSLR camera and photography hobby is not enough to capture beautiful images. Not all cameras are created equal, and neither are all photographers. You want the best equipment and the best experience to get you the best quality images.

I love being a birth photographer. Birth is beautiful. Every birth is different, and they are all wonderful. Celebrating a newborn baby’s entrance into the world is one of my favorite things to do. The moms that I have worked for have loved the images of their births and have been so grateful that they have them. I want that for more moms. I want more mothers to be able to look back at the details of their child’s birth and remember how wonderful it was to meet their newborn baby for the first time.


What was one of your favorite moments from your child’s birth? Did you have a birth photographer there to capture it? Comment below!

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