7 Must Have Photos From Your Birth

Having pictures from your child’s birth is so amazing. Being able to vividly remember the day they were born is *chef’s kiss*. Most birth photographers do a great job and deliver you pictures from the most important moments of the day, but there are definitely a few things that you don’t want to miss. Here are the top 7 must-have photos from your child’s birth.

Number One: Meeting Your Newborn Baby

This is the biggest and most obvious one. If you only ever got to keep one picture from your birth, this would be it. Getting to hold your baby for the first time is one of the most amazing experiences and one that you will never get to repeat. But it plays on repeat in your head for a while. And then you slowly forget it. Having a photo of that moment refreshes that memory in your head over and over again. And trust me when I say it is a moment you don’t want to forget.

Number Two: Partner Meeting Baby

Your birth partner doesn’t have to be your life partner. It can be anyone who is there to support you through your birth. And no matter who it is, the moment when they get to meet the baby or hold them for the first time, is a precious one. This is also a memory that is so easy to forget. I wish that I remembered my husband’s face when he met each of our sons. With a photographer there to document, you’ll never have to worry about remembering.

Number Three: Labor

Birth is not a nice walk through the park. I feel like I say it every time, but birth is hard! You would think that you would just want to block those memories out. But I find that they are just as precious. I have one photo of me in labor. One. It was with the birth of our second child. And it is not even a very good picture, but you guys, I cherish that photo. It tells such a story all by itself, and I wish that there were more to go with it. You will be glad you have them, I promise you.

Number Four: The Birth

This one can vary wildly based on your personal preference. I have had births where the mother wanted to see the birth in all of its raw detail, and I have had births where the mother didn’t want me to photograph “down there” at all. Either way is totally fine! It is honestly up to you what you want. But this is the culmination of all of your hard work. The months of pregnancy and the hours of labor all led up to this moment. It is definitely one of the most important moments of the day. And in general, you don’t get to see any of it, so you need to be able to see through someone else’s eyes.

Number Five: The Calm After the Storm

The period after the baby’s birth is a whirlwind. Baby meets mom, then is cleaned, weighed, and measured. The placenta is delivered. There is a lot going on. At the same time, it is also very calm. Mom collapses back, spent, after labor and delivery. Baby is laid softly on her chest. She may try to breastfeed. It’s the happy, quiet time. These quiet moments are when the magic happens. This is when Mom has her “I did it” moment, the moment when she just sits back and thinks, yeah, I just did that! There are so many beautiful moments to capture during this period.

Number Six: The Newborn Baby

How could we forget the star of the show? These are the photos that will be the most viewed and the most shared. Everyone will ooh and aah at how adorable your new little addition is. And you will cherish all of the pictures of the little details: their tiny feet, their cute little fingers grasping yours, their weight and height. It’s all stuff that you will look back at lovingly as they grow bigger and bigger.

Number Seven: The Details

There is so much going on around you during your labor that you don’t even remember. You might remember what hospital you were in, but do you remember what room? You’re not paying attention to the small details – the things that are not really important in the grand scheme of things but are still fun to look back and see. That’s what your photographer should be doing, noticing all the small things that you might have missed.

Bonus: The Day After

Not everyone opts for a Fresh48 session, and that’s fine, but it can be a wonderful time to photograph. This is the time where you are just relaxing, enjoying your newborn baby. This might be the time that siblings, family, and friends come to meet your baby for the first time. This is also the perfect time to capture more moments between you and your baby, only this time you are probably wearing more clothes! So many wonderful moments can come from that wonderful period in the day or two following your child’s birth.

Birth photography captures so many moments that would otherwise be lost. Even if you have your birth partner on camera duty, they are going to miss a lot, and you will wish that you had more photos to remember one of the most important days of your life.


Can you think of any other photos you’d like to have at your birth session? Leave a comment below!

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