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Ever since I was young, I have loved photography. When I was 14 I begged my parents for a camera that had interchangeable lenses. I didn’t even know at the time that that was called an SLR camera. They agreed to purchase half of the camera if I paid for the other half. I worked so hard to earn that $250 and I was so excited to finally have a camera that I could make better photos with.

That passion lived on. My first camera broke so I bought a second one. Shortly after that, cameras started to become digital. I was all for the new change, and shortly after I got married, I and my husband, who were poor college students at the time, splurged on a huge purchase: a digital SLR camera. I took thousands of pictures with that camera. Not all of them were good, but some of them were, and my skill was improving.

The Beginning

In 2015 I decided to turn my passion and skill for photography into a business. I kept it pretty small, because I was a stay-at-home mom with three small boys. I photographed everything: families, kids, newborns, maternity, weddings, births, etc. I did that for 5 years before I finally had to admit that I didn’t really like photographing families. I enjoyed photographing kids and births and even single portraits, but it’s hard to make a business out of that. I shut down my business and decided that I was just done with professional photography.

During this time, my husband and I talked a lot about what I would do for work once the kids were out of the house. My answers were all over the place, but one thing I kept coming back to was birth photography. During my time doing photos professionally, I had the opportunity to photograph a few births. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I wanted to repeat it. But my kids were still young, and I was homeschooling them, so I didn’t really have the luxury of spare time.

A New Adventure

Fast forward to now. My husband said to me, “You know, I think the kids are old enough now that you could do birth photography if you wanted to.” His job had put him on permanent telework, so he would be home in case of emergencies, and my kids were capable of completing their school work with minimum supervision. In short, I had a golden opportunity to start building my business NOW.

I decided to take that opportunity, as you may have already guessed. I am venturing forth as a birth photographer. No other bells and whistles, for now, just births. I am excited to get to share the birth experience with expectant mothers. I cannot wait to take the skills that I have and put them to good use again.


I am operating in the Huntsville, AL area (yay Rocket City!), including Madison, Athens, Decatur, and other surrounding towns within a short distance. I am available for home births, c-sections, twins, hospital births, etc. Basically anywhere you are having your newborn baby, I am available to you.

At this time, I am offering a portfolio-building discount for the first three births that book this year. The discount is $500 off of any birth package. This does come with one small stipulation – I need your photos for my portfolio! We can discuss in detail what you are and are not comfortable with sharing, so don’t let that worry you. First and foremost, I am there to capture the moments that are most important to you.

Ready to go on this adventure with me?

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