Jalyn’s Birth Story

Photographing Jalyn’s birth story was such a wonderful experience. I think I texted my husband “I love doing this so much!” like four times during the whole thing. I absolutely love spending my time taking photos of one of the most amazing experiences ever. I often find myself wishing that I had known more about birth photography when I had my children. But birth photography is a fairly young industry, and I didn’t know much about it until well after my children were born. I vaguely recall hearing that it was expensive, but I would give that money ten times over to be able to have those memories.


There’s a lot that goes into birth photography, and that makes it cost more than other types of photography. I always say you have to think of it like a wedding. You have this experience one time, and you want to be able to save it. Getting wedding photographs is going to cost more, for so many reasons, but at least with a wedding, you have a date. With birth photography, the photographer could potentially have 5 weeks of being on call 24/7 waiting for a child to be born. So it costs more for good reason.


Anyway, I’m rambling, but my main point is, birth photography is amazing and you should definitely do it! For more proof, just check out my portfolio here. Jalyn’s birth story, written by his mom, is below.

Jalyn’s Birth Story


Born: 12/31/22 at 6:02pm

Weight: 7lb 13oz

Length: 19.5 inches.


Short Birth Story: I was 39 weeks that Saturday and my water broke at 3:50am that morning. It was a complete surprise and I had him later that evening. I am very thankful and blessed that we had a fast labor/delivery and all three of us are healthy and thriving. He is absolutely perfect and we are so obsessed with him.


Why Jalyn?: Jamal (Dad) + Lynsey (Mom) = Jalyn

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